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CREADE: resource centre for cultural diversity in education


Recent migratory flows have led to an increasing demand for resources and strategies to deal with culturally diverse schools and societies. Significant efforts and cooperation are needed from all stakeholders to move forward in developing intercultural approaches in educational contexts. In recent years, Spain has seen important gains in its recognition of the importance of intercultural education. This paper presents a major and farreaching contribution in this area made by CIDE, the Educational Research and Documentation Centre associated with the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science: the CREADE project. The aim of this project is to offer a wide variety of resources as well as to provide a space for sharing materials, reflections and experiences from an intercultural perspective. This paper discusses the theoretical basis of the project, the development process as well as its main features.



Montserrat GraƱeras (et al.)

Intercultural Education,

Volume 17, Number 5/December 2006,

ISSN: 1467-5986 (Print) 1469-8439 (Online)

pages 485-497

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