Products and Outcomes

In this section you will find some of our products and outcomes that will give you an idea about what we have been doing over the two years.

You will find:

  • Reports such as activity or experience reports written by the partner institutions at the end of the project. These reports contain details about the training activities which were carried out in the framework of INTEGRATION. The experience reports describe the experiences when testing the training activities in the institution and give concrete impression to others how to use these training activities.
  • The final evaluation report on the evaluation activities carried out by the Pädagogische Seminar
  • The situation report on the specific situation as to intercultural issues in the partner countries and institutions
  • The presentations that were elaborated for the final conference in Göttingen illustrating the special focus of each partner institution
  • Exemplary films on intercultural encounters that were developed on the basis of the critical incident approach
  • Dissemination material such as a newsletter, articles, links...
  • Concrete products such as the cookbook that was created in the Paritätische Kindergarten in the framework of the cooking workshops