Special Focus

BUPNET formally administrates the project and is responsable for the project management, the adminstration of the project budget and the dessimation.

Moreover, BUPNET defined in collaboration with the P├Ądagogische Seminar the didactic approach for the intercultural training. The project was presented to several social organisations which participates actively in the project by testing intercultural training modules.

A Learning Management System (open source software) was adapted and installed. This system contains an internal messaging system that allows instructor and group members to communicate with each other.

The project website has been created with the help of a CMS (Content Management System - Typo 3). The website will continously be updated to give an overview of latest developments and news.

Moreover, BUPNET collaborates with various social organisations and organised intercultural training sessions for the staff members. Specific eLearning courses dealing with intercultural topics were developed and tested within those organisations.