Special Focus

In the framework of the project, Il Ghetto has identified the need to improve the relations among employees in the public administration and their public with migration background.

The number of migrants in Sardinia is constantly rising and all migrants have to tackle initial problems with the Italian bureaucracy. The employees don't have any special training on how to deal with migrants and often are lacking of communication skills and comprehension. Il Ghetto developed specific traininig courses for those target groups.

The aim fo the training is to help the immigrants to integrate themselves and to improve the activities with the immigrants. The training is based on the demands of the immigrants that collaborate with Il Ghetto. The migrants expressed their needs and requirement when arriving in Italy: to understand the rules and opportunities of Italy, particularly to understand how they can look for work, what they can do to study and what they can do to obtain a driving licence.

The experiences with the development of the courses are very positive, since they were created in collaboration with the migrants. As a consequence, the courses reply to their requirements.

Il Ghetto thinks that the courses themselves are not transferable to other institutions, because they are specifically designed for immigrants in Italy, but the methodology itself is transferable.