Film episode by GIP FIPAN

Difficult to find a traineeship

The episode:

In a professional training course, the students are supposed to make some practical experiences. Their coordinator is helping the students to find a traineeship. A French student had no problems in finding a traineeship, whereas it is a big problem to find one for a student with migration background.

The dialogue:

The coordinator: For you Steven, there is no problem whatsoever. I have been able to find straight away a mechanic shop. The manager is ready to have you and it is exactly what you wanted.

For you Said, I haven’t been that lucky. No luck so far and I believe it is going to take some time before we find a traineeship.

Said, the trainee: Tell me one thing, please. - Have you been giving my name?

The coordinator: But of course, Said!

Said, the trainee: I am not surprised of the result then!


The coordinator hasn’t been able to find a company for Said because:

1. Said is unlucky.

2. The coordinator is not professional enough.

3. Said is a victim of discrimination at work.

Please watch the films and think about the questions tackled in the film!