Film episode recorded by INSUP and produced by the Paedagogische Seminar

Good Night

This is an example on how to present a film via eLearning.

The episode:

Lara from Brazil and Samira from Arabia both attend a French as a foreign langague course.They sit next to eachother and have developed a friendly relationship. Samira likes Laras funny nature. One day Samira is in a very good mood when she arrives at the course. Lara notices Samiras shining face and asks Samira if she has had a "good night". Samiras mood suddenly becomes very serious.

Why does Samiras mood suddenly change?

1. Samira took Laras question as a hint on the colour of her skin. She didn`t consider it to be kind because she had to suffer from discrimination several times.

2. Lara tried to make a joke that had a sexual component. In the Arabian culture sexual issues are a taboo especially in the public.

3. In the Arabian world the night is considered to bring bad luck. You never even mention this word.

In an intercultural training, you would watch the film and choose one of the answers above. You would then get the feedback file related to your choice.