Film episode produced by the Paedagogische Seminar


This is an example for a critical incident film and the way these kinds of films can be integrated into eLearning modules.

The episode:

Jane is an anaethetic nurse at Birmingham hospital. When she was on emergency admission an Arabian patient arrived whose injuries were quite serious. The patient had to be consented and procedures explained. Unless the man didn`t speak any English his sister translated the information to her brother. Both were very nervous. Jane began to feel very uncomfortable because she could neither be sure whether the information was transferred correctly nor reassure the man directly.

Which advice would you have for Jane?

1. She should have seeked professional help for translation. This would have made her feel more comfortable so she could have reassured the patient by non-verbal communication.

2. She should calm down. This will calm down the patient, too. The sister will pass on the information correctly.

3. Arabians usually talk very fast. Jane had the impression they were nervous although they weren`t.

In an intercultural training, you would watch the film and choose one of the answers above. You would then get the feedback file related to your choice.