Film episode by Paritaetische and Paedagogisches Seminar


This is an example on how to present a critical incident film via eLearning.

Cerhat Özdemir (5), a boy of Turkish origin, has been attending the kindergarten for two years. After initial difficulties he is now integrated very well and enjoys to come to the institution. His parents also have a positive attitude towards the kindergarten. One day the father of the boy meets the nursery teacher and they have a small talk. The father expresses his gratitude about the development of his son and extends an invitation for dinner at the families house. The nursery teacher responds she would be glad to come but she had to talk to the management before.

You would watch the film and answer the following question and open the feedback file related to your choice (that would be made available on an eLearning platform):

How do you judge the behaviour of the nursery teacher and how will Mr.Özdemir respond in your opinion?

1. She should have agreed spontaneously. Hesitating to accept an invitation is considered to be unfriendly in the Turkish culture. In the upcoming weeks the parents showed up very reserved towards the nursery teacher.

2. She should not have accepted the invitation. A private attendance at a family could be misinterpreted by other parents as preferableness.

3. She behaved absolutely correct. An attendance at a family requires official arrangements. The father appreciated that. After arrangements the dinner at the family`s house took place. The attendance was very important to the family and affected the relationship positively.