INTEGRATION - INTErcultural dialoGue foR A multIcultural sOciety iN europe

Faced with changes in the demographic and cultural composition of societies, educating people towards the acceptance and emergence of a multicultural society has become a necessity to prevent xenophobia and racism. In this framework the role of intercultural education is of crucial importance.

The project INTEGRATION aims at improving the intercultural competencies of staff members of social organisations. The staff members will be helped to re-think training contents and adapt to the multicultural reality through the development of common transferable patterns for didactic material and training units on intercultural issues. The training material and information will be developed in collaboration with migrants and will be partly available on the project's e-learning platform.

The creation of a framework to enhance the co-operation with multicultural groups will lead to better mutual understanding and a better integration. The organisation of intercultural activities will break with possible isolation and help people to get into contact with people from their host country and other ethnic origins.

The project will set up exchange forums in a transnational and national context with valuable contributions form different levels: academic experts, training staff with experience in the field, pedagogues and representatives of different ethnic groups.



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