Transnational Meetings

During the two-year projects, five transnational meeting were realised:

1. Göttingen, Germany, 19. - 23.01.2005

2. Riga, Latvia, 22. - 26.06.2005

3. Nice, France, 25. - 29.01.2006

4. Växjö, Sweden, 10. - 13.09.2006

5. Göttingen, Germay, 07. - 10.12.2006

The town names are linked with the minutes of the respective meeting. Please click on the town name to get more information on the results and activities of each meeting.

In November 2005, the project team went for two days to Växjö, Sweden. Since the Swedish partnerns could not participate in the first transnational meeting and missed half of the second meeting (due to organisational problems), the objective of this meeting was to exchange all project-relevant information and to learn about Swedish immigration policiy and institutions.