Vaexjoe kommun in a few words...

Vaexjoe kommun Kommunledningskontoret Arbete & Utveckling - Labour & Development - is since 2005 a new department under the executive office in Vaexjoe municipality and works with adult education, integration and social supplementary.

The vision is that "each and everyone who has the capacity to work shall do so and thereby contribute to his own as well as the societies support and welfare." The department offers adult education in different levels, from literacy to further education both theoretical and vocational. It also works with Swedish courses for immigrants and with training courses for students with mental and physical disabilities. The department orders education and courses from different companies and organisers.

Education and training are instruments to get people in job and department arranges special training courses for this. The adult education offers guidance and counselling before and during studies as well as courses and student support.

Labour & Development consists of seven different teams working with special groups; examples are youth-team, integration-team and labour-market-team

Main activities in the project