BUPNET in short

BUPNET GmbH, Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk GmbH – Training and Project Network ltd. founded in 1985, stands for professional and innovative training projects in the health and social sector, environment, tourism, e-business and journalism. Since 1999, BUPNET has developed and realised eLearning courses, tools and platforms.

For five years, BUPNET has been working on large scale European education and employment programmes such as ADAPT, NOW, Article 13, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Article 6 etc. and is a part of the ECC-Network Marseille. BUPNET developed a multilingual e-learning platform which has been tested in a LIFE Environment project and in different EU-projects (objective 3) on a local and regional level.

BUPNET has 3 branches over northern Germany and 20 staff members who form an interdisciplinary team consisting of pedagogues, engineers, natural scientists, economists, social degrees and interpreters.