Special Focus and Tasks

In the framework of the project the faculty has mainly had two tasks:

On the one hand the project team was giving didactical advice and on the other hand it was responsible for the evaluation.

Didactical advice means to provide theoretical input for example on methodology in intercultural training and to inform on different approaches so the partners could make use of them.

The information was either presented at the transnatinal meetings but also through the learning platform of the project. That means that the team created learning units which could be worked through by the partners. As it is not so easy to put a theoretical approach into practice the team also tried to give assistance as to this.

As to the evaluation activities, the evaluation was carried out as an internal evaluation. In addition a formative evaluation approach was chosen, this means that the results of the evaluation were used at an early stage of the project to monitor the progression of the project instead of evaluating the results of the project when everything is done and nothing can be changed anymore.

The evaluation of the learning material and the learning activities was carried out in cooperation with the partners. That means that the background information and tools for the evaluation were provided and the partners tested their learning material in a training activity and documented their experiences.