Target Groups

Immigration in France has a very long tradition with people coming from the former French colonies.

The target groups GIP FIPAN would like to work on are women migrants from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. They represent approximately 9,3% of the total female population in the area, one out of three is unemployed or involved in precarious or very short duration activities. This chronic status of unemployment adds even more to their feeling of isolation and non–integration. Another thing to be emphasized is the lack of homogeneity among those women and this is mostly due to the disparities in the cultures of origin.

The selection of this target group reflects the actual situation in the region and in other regions of France. Due to economic factors the French government encouraged in the fifties immigrations of male workers to France. Then under Giscard d’Estaing their families were allowed to come to France.

In 1990, migrants from Maghreb constituted 41% of the french foreign population (20% for Portuguese). 97% of the total number of Algerian migrants were coming to France.

Unfortunately those measures of relatively massive immigration hadn’t been sufficiently prepared. One example is the housing problem which quickly became severe and from which other problems derived. The dramatic changes in the French economic situation continued to accentuate the problems and integration became more and more difficult.

Nowadays, France is confronted to a very complicated situation with obvious disparity in the behaviour of the migrants from the third generation and their fathers or fore-fathers. Instead of getting integrated, these populations develop a growing communitarism spirit .

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